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Benefits Administration with Brooks Consulting

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From tracking worked hours to enrolling employees under benefits plans, HR management includes daunting tasks. Navigating through varied compliance and regulatory issues surrounding employee benefit plans can be insidious. There are waves of information that never stops and also there are different compliance rules and regulations that dynamically change with time. As your trusted benefit administrative services provider, we systematically manage employee benefits for a diversified range of businesses and companies. In short, we diligently take care of the compliance and tax issues.

We are imparting benefits administration services to over 100 clients ranging in size from one to over a thousand employees. We are proud of our reputation for offering efficient, accurate and affordable services to our discreet clients.

How we work?

We’re a reliable partner, working with you as an extension of your HR department. So as your company flourishes or grows, we also make changes to continue meeting the divergent needs of your business. We believe in customizing our services so that it reflects your company’s brand.

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, companies should find viable ways to effectively manage their significant employee benefits investment. As a renowned provider of benefits administration for large & mid-sized organizations, Brooks Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of outsourcing solutions focused on the pivotal things that our clients may want the most. We use our years of expertise to drive better outcomes for our clients, allowing them to manage costs, drive participants and satisfactions, curtail risk and improve compliance.

Our benefit administration services include-

  • Benefit design
  • Communication
  • Implementation
  • Administration

We strive to offer these useful tools through an impeccable customer experience, resulting in top most level of satisfaction and user engagement.

Our benefit administration service allows you to:

  • Systematically manage a diversified range of unlimited number of benefit plans
  • Automate the effective management of the open enrollment process
  • Track payment of premiums and employer & employees contribution
  • Generate reports that help in covering all divergent aspects of benefits
  • Uploading investment declaration