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No matter where in the world your business interest lies, Brooks Consulting recruiters are there to help.

It’s indeed a great big world out there…or is it? Undoubtedly technology has brought the world closer together, yet recruiting the right candidate always remain a challenge. Multinational organizations and homegrown companies alike want a partner who can understand the complexities of managing talent.

There are various firms imparting recruitment services but Brooks Consulting combines both global reach & scientific tech how and believes in delivering bespoke recruiting solutions.

As a renowned recruitment firm, our clients enjoy a vast network of human resource specialists who attract, cultivate and connect companies to right talent in both local and global markets. Our unparalleled scope of services and global reach allows us to share candidate profiles and roles across the border. With wide coverage and tools, we can ensure that our clients and candidates get the best outcome for their divergent recruitment needs. We’ll allow you to simplify your tasks, focus on your objectives and achieve success. That’s because we’re an eminent workforce solutions provider that bridges the gap between employees and employers together.

Recruitment process adopted by Brooks Consulting

Our prime role in the recruitment process is that of an immaculate adviser and strategic consultant, and we add value through market awareness, eminent specialists and well-proven experience.

  • Identification of right candidates

    Our professional team will work with you to formulate a competitive market search specification that will lure the very best candidate. Impeccable knowledge of the marketplace allows us to keep a close tab on current employment trends.

  • Clientele requirements

    Formulating a thorough job description is pivotal to a successful search. It is crucial to have a right job description that is detailed and complete. In order to find the right candidate, it is inevitable to have a precise account of the job requirements.

  • Industrial research

    Our thorough analysis of the client’s industry and marketplace will help Brooks Consulting to create a winning edge. A wide network of relationships allows us to discreetly target right candidate.

  • Candidate shortlisting

    On the basis of client’s needs and our research, Brooks Consulting will identify the potent candidates for the search. We thoroughly identify and evaluate candidates and also explore other facets of executives.

  • Presentation of the suitable candidate

    Upon successful completion of our identification of candidates, we furnish a detailed summary of the most appropriate candidates for your review. This keen attention to detail helps in providing a timely and efficient successful match. We present only qualified candidates to the client. Brooks Consulting works closely in sync with client and candidate in order to ensure everything falls at its place.

  • Negotiations

    Our team ensures that expectations of both our clients and candidates are met by taking an active part in the negotiation process.

  • Follow up

    After the acceptance, our job is not done. Our scheduled feedback and continual communication allows us to always stay in touch with the candidate and the company.

Global recruitment services

In a world of booming opportunities, more and more companies are finding value in sourcing candidates from not-yet-tested marketplace. Our recruiters are specialized in sourcing the right talent from throughout the globe and helping them relocate to the right destination specified by our client. With Brooks Consulting, you can easily explore the world for your next hire.

Recruiting isn’t only about filling positions. It’s about clearly understanding your burgeoning aspirations and finding the right candidate that can transform your business. We dig deep to learn about competitive landscape, company’s policy and ideal candidate. Armed with this right information, we formulate and execute a viable recruiting strategy that helps in getting better results. From the insightful interview to the carefully chosen placement, every step of Brooks Consulting unique recruiting process is primarily focused on each applicant’s vision of his/her ideal job.

Our strategy

  • Effectively managing the entire recruitment needs of the client and offer best sourcing to stay fiercely competitive.
  • Working in liaison with client’s managers, analyze needs and devise strategies & selection procedures.
  • Offering an excellent team of professionals with impeccable skill expertise to meet all divergent hiring consultancy needs.
  • Providing good tailor-made concrete solutions to streamline recruitment process, curtail cost per hiring and lower joining time.
  • Offering an exclusive team of professionals with unsurpassed expertise for all the varied recruitment consultancy needs.

Our expertise

Brooks Consulting takes this opportunity to introduce itself as a leading specialist in offering recruitment services in all sectors as per clientele needs. Our bespoke services encompass all areas of the recruitment life cycle, diligently covering each aspect of the below market :-

  • Engineering
  • Health care & Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Civil & Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Education & Teaching
  • Finance

Why should you choose our recruitment solutions?

  • Flexible approach
  • Personalized services
  • Committed to credibility
  • Flexible hiring solutions
  • Robust procedures
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Integrating local and international recruitment services

Recruitment Services in India

Recruitment Service in Gurgaon

Recruitment Services in Delhi

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