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Tax Planning for International Employees

When a company does business worldwide, income tax filing and withholding requirements can become daunting and more complicated. Brooks Consulting offers tax planning and tax consulting on a divergent international tax related issues. We’ll help your organization trim its overall payroll and withholding tax burden.

Usually, employing people is one of the biggest costs to any business. Our international tax planning solutions team can help you effectively optimize your remuneration strategy and procedure and keep costs to a minimum level.

With an unwavering focus on risk management, compliance and effectiveness, we can diligently work with your payroll and finance functions to ensure a seamless service fully in sync with your business priorities.

With an enduring focus on compliance and risk management, our team will work with your payroll, HR and finance departments to ensure a flawless service fully aligned with your business priorities. From the tax efficiency of remuneration packages, payroll reporting to the social security & payroll implications, incentive plans and international assignments, our expert team can give you an insightful advice.

The urgent need for corporate tax planning, particularly for companies with global operations, is fairly obvious, and information on the varied strategies is readily available. Those companies that send their employees overseas typically provide them aid with the added costs that they may incur, like housing cost, traveling expenses, etc. Such beneficial payments are usually taxable to the employee and may increase the individual tax burden.

Our international tax services include-

For Employer

  • Structuring of tax-effective terms and compensation packages
  • Coordination with foreign government for estimated tax payments
  • Tax equalization policy and administration
  • Tax treaty review
  • Payroll consulting
  • Visa and work permits

For Employees

  • Effective tax planning and compliance with nationals working abroad
  • Pre-departure and post-assignment tax consultations
  • Creating necessary forms related to the foreign assignments
  • Help in minimizing taxes
  • Foreign tax auditing
  • Tax treaties with foreign nations

Tax issues have become more arduous as businesses have gone global but it that doesn’t mean that you should pay more than your legible share. The income tax rules in India and offshore are complex and therefore, we combine in-depth specialist knowledge with our proven advice to avoid any pitfall.