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The ability to attract and retain talented workforce greatly influences a company’s capacity to sustain and survive in a competitive advantage, as the irreparable loss of an important employee to competitors or poor performance of unmotivated employees only lead to an erosion of business value. In today’s highly fiercely competitive world, employees are increasingly looking for suitable remuneration package that promises to deliver more than just salary. Profit sharing, lifestyle benefits, employee share plans are just a few of extra additions that employees seek in the workplace.

A viable remuneration strategy will be an imperative incentive for your staff. By imparting them a share in the business or offering flexible working arrangements, for instance, can help to easily align their personal goals with those of the business. A well planned remuneration plan can help in increasing the value that you provide to your employees without increasing the business cost.

Brooks Consulting has an extensive experience in designing remuneration strategies that augment the commercial outcome for your business and also take into account the special circumstances that can easily apply to public, private companies and not for profit organization. Our tax team is committed towards providing enriched industrial knowledge, expert advice on remuneration related issues, while ensuring that recommendations are fuse free and follow a stringent business approach. By taking sufficient time to understand your burgeoning business needs, employees and culture, we aim to provide strategies that are not only tax effective but are also tailored made to meet the divergent needs of your business.

Our services are extended to both Indian and expatriates employees in India. For employees working abroad, we offer-

  • Effective remuneration planning and stock option schemes for all levels.
  • Expert advice on secondary arrangements.
  • Advice on making the most of the incentives/reliefs available.
  • Key advice on stock options and implications of taxation.
  • Expatriate tax services.