Paperless payroll services

Contractual or Consultant Payroll

Bilateral Trade between India and various countries is increasing as a result lots of foreign companies are moving to India to market research or set up company in India.

Sometimes foreign companies do not want to set up company in India for few months and they want to hire staff and explore or test the market, Post hiring payroll and taxes management of India staff is a biggest concern for foreign companies in India. Brooks can show staff as consultant to Brooks and Payroll can be managed for India employees.

Consultant and Employees have different payroll and salary structures, At Brooks Consulting We can show staff as Consultant to Brooks consulting and payroll for Contractors and Consultant can be managed, Companies those are in setting up of business in India or don’t want to take staff on their payroll, Brooks Consulting can take these type of assignments too.

We have been successfully working on similar projects where consultant payroll is also managed. Consultants would be provided with monthly payslips, regular tax filings and quarterly form 16 A which is statement of Income earned and tax paid. At Brooks We are trusted by various clients and partners and guide companies legally on how to manage payroll for consultants. Our Trust is sustained and today our clients know us for 100 % accuracy in tax calculations for consultants or contractual payroll in India. Please feel free to contact us for detailed proposal or discussion.