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Intriguing, driving and retaining the best talent is one of the greatest obstacles facing by many companies. For many, it clearly means creating programs that formulate a direct connection between a company’s goals and objectives and paves focus on an employee’s actions. Both small and big companies are divulging different ways to do this by maximizing rewards and investment in compensation.

Brooks Consulting helps clients ensure their pay strategy is designed and executed to meet divergent business requirements, while focusing employees on what they should do to help the company to meet its varied goals. We help companies in creating a subtle program that establishes a direct connection between an organization’s objectives and an employee’s focus. It’s a discerning approach that shifts compensation strategies to performance-based programs and paves more focus on the combined value of pay and benefits.

Backed by immaculate research and data, our consultants can help you make the right choice for your organization, offering a wide range of compensation and rewards services — varying from total rewards strategies to executive and broad-based design. We also help you tailor made your communication strategies for specific audiences, ensuring that your workforce truly comprehends how pay and benefits add up to total profits.

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Brooks Consulting offers to its clients the expertise and resources to assure compensation committee and impacted executives that pay programs are :-

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  • Aligned with the company’s compensation philosophy and strategic plans
  • Defensible to all stakeholders and interested parties
  • Competitive with valid external reference points
  • Fully documented

In amidst of shrinking margins and fierce economic times, human resource professionals must respond with concrete solutions that meet management’s operating goals: high productivity, impeccable quality, and improved margins. Developing persuasive broad-based employee strategic reward programs is the real challenge of this decade.

Why should you choose our compensation consulting?

  • Years of industrial knowledge - Our years of sublime industry knowledge and experience has allowed us to develop a unique understanding of the economic dynamics of the industry. Our extensive industrial relationships and skills to gather relevant information on board positions allow us to completely understand trends in compensation and their implications on our clients, beyond industry boundaries.
  • Expert compensation program- We understand that compensation programs profoundly influence organizational success and that performance is greatly shaped by how effectively reward systems are designed and managed. Through our viable compensation services, we offer effective reward programs that perfectly align with business strategies, financial resources and stakeholder interests to help clients in attracting, retaining and motivating top talent.

Deducing the right base salary is just the tip of the total pay iceberg. We know compensation is not only about computing pay by using off-the-shelf methods. Linking salary and incentive to performance, striking the balance of salary and benefits and implementing the perfect mix of compensation strategies-all are indispensable to motivate and retain employees at every level.

We listen to the discerning concerns of our clients and devise compensation plans that suit their sundry needs, using independent expertise. We work diligently towards making your HR investments visible by furnishing detailed reports of the value of each employees total reward package, including basic pay, health & welfare offering, retirement benefits and other incentives.




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