Payroll Companies in India

Reports Offered

Payroll management companies in India

Payroll for consultants

Payroll Reports

  • All the outputs & statutory reports
  • Branch / Department / Grade
  • Costcode / Location / Category
  • Report / Output for Selected Employees
  • Selection of many other parameters

Loan Reports

  • Option for Month Wise Details
  • Option to Select Loan Type

Differential Interest -10%/13%

  • Option to update Income Tax Data
    for considering the Differential
    Interest as perquisites.

Loan Confirmation

  • User defined Letter format

New Loan Calculations

Re-conciliation Reports


  • Compares & reports changes in the Employee Master as compared to the master data of the previous month.

Processed Month Data

  • Compares the Monthly Processed of the Current Monthly vis a vis the Previous Month & Reports Changes /Addition / Deletion.

Salary Reports

Salary Statement

  • Selections / Merging of Headings
  • Options for Totals/Line Break/Page
    Skip etc.
  • Summary [Branch/Grade
    /Department Wise]

Built-in Emailing Facility

  • Salary Slip etc. to the Employees
  • Salary Statement etc. to Branches
  • Salary Disbursement Output [Bank
  • Mail Setup along with Multiple

Header / Footer

  • User defined as per Requirements

Printing Options

  • Each report has many user defined
    options to fine-tune the report as
    per requirements.

Statutory Reports

  • Salary Register
  • ESIC Challan
  • ESIC Forms
  • PF Challan
  • P.F. Forms
  • Prof. Tax Forms
  • Income Tax Forms

Monthly Reports

PF Report

  • Option for Trust / RPFC
  • PF No. Wise sorting
  • Employer’s & Employee’s
  • Details of EPF & VPF / Loan &

PF Challan

  • For A/C No’s. 1, 2, 10, 21, 22
  • Employer Share, Employee Share.
  • PF Admin / DLI charges

Professional Tax Statement

  • Option for Category Wise / State
  • Slab Wise Clubbing

Outside Agency Related Report

  • Employee Wise/Agency Wise
    Insurance Premium Outside Loan
    Credit Society Payments Others
    Agency Payments.

ESIC Report

Income Tax Reports

IT Computation Statement and Report

  • Salary Register
  • Option to update the Employee Master for Computed Income Tax Amount.

Form 16 / 12 BA

Form 24 / Form 24 Quarterly

IT Challan Details

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