Paperless payroll services

Paperless Payroll Services

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Is your business doing its part to go green? Brooks Consulting Paperless Payroll Services Help companies curtailing costs and improving efficiencies. Payroll may be a necessity of contemporary business, but you have more other vital things to do with your time. So, free yourself and your staff from this brainstorming task as our paperless payroll system is fast, convenient and offers secure 24/7 access. It’s easy being “Green!”

Paperless payroll services can have a substantial impact towards curtailing the amount of resources used in daily operations of the average business. If there is one word to describe how world is changing in 2013 that word would be ‘paperless’. Owing to the continual growth and acceptance of cloud-based computing, more and more businesses are lowering their reliance on paper and instead turning to the organizational benefits of web-based business solutions.

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Along with cloud based storage resources, like google drive, payroll processing is fast gaining immense popularity as one of the most pivotal business practices to go paperless and it’s not hard to understand why.

Brooks Consulting cut the paperwork as employees are able to view 24×7 pay stubs or salary slip online where HR person or management team can easily view records of all of its employees. With Brooks Consulting Paperless Payroll Services, companies can easily manage the payroll process without any paper. Moreover, form 16 can also be signed digitally and submitted to the government authorities at the end of the fiscal year for tax related and annual returns of employees. By trusting Brooks Consulting Payroll Services, companies can now leverage the benefit of a single, comprehensive, and flexible offering at a compelling value services imparted by Brooks Consulting.

Why paperless payroll makes sense

Let’s face it, you took the initiative to establish your own business and follow your dream, which probably means you have a zeal for what you do. Unfortunately, there are a lot of aspects of running a business that do not fall under your specialty. Managing your company’ payroll is often one of these tasks. Whether you’re running a small business and you’re trying to handle the payroll services yourself, or your business is large enough to have a separate account department of its own, paperless payroll system imparts numerous benefits, some of which may be surprising to know.

Why Paperless payroll is beneficial to employers?

  • All your employees payroll data is stored in one place.
  • There is no need to print or fax time sheets to payroll provider
  • It is feasible to process payroll on the time from any device.
  • Paperless payroll trims paper and waste in the office.
  • Business costs associated with printer, ink, cartridges, etc., will be significantly cut.
  • Business can be conducted in a conducive environment for faster results.
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Right from the inception of the process, we can impart you with automated time keeping systems that curb the inefficiencies of time sheets or punch cards. Payroll processing is done all electronically, eradicating faxes and the human error factor associated with keying in information manually. Once we process payroll, we will email all your payroll reports to you. Or, even better, we can furnish you with a secure portal, which you can use to access and manage all your payroll data along with employee information.

Why paperless payroll is beneficial to employees?

  • No need to wait in the line at the bank deposit to deposit pay check.
  • No worries about lost or stolen paychecks.
  • Fewer payroll mistakes.
  • Payroll services are available 24/7.

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With this paperless option, it is possible to eliminate all the costs and hassles associated with the delivery of the finished payroll and checks. Also, whether your employees are sitting besides you in the office or halfway around the world, our electronic tax forms will never arrive late or get lost in the mail again.




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